Saturday, 28 March 2015

Alo Mitra's poem DRUNK FEELINGS ( Translation of Matal Anubhab )

I do not know when darkness encircles, helpless
mountains pierce through chest -- immobile indifferent
sometimes faint giggles are heard -- blown up
like a balloon complex breath from the folds of ribs, concealed
blood's suppressed self-esteem form rows of crowd 
darkness encircles --squeezes helpless mountains
gloomy death's gloomy yellow eyes
a bunch of flowers and rotting corpse in river
Sky human being and complex glands of man -- of disturbed life
indifferent breezy hair -- in air--
who knows who would hurtle down where, how
One morning the jungle flowers find the human monster
steely heart
opening himself in blue stream of love
I feel
life's dizzying drunkenness.

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