Thursday, 26 March 2015

Arani Basu's poem GRAVE SLAB ( Translation of 'Samadhifalak' )

Think about him at least once who is lying here.

Think about him once
who wanted to stir this jailhouse with his rickety hands,
he who wanted to love mankind and hankered for others' love,
who used to sing songs of liberty in free voice, 
who held a great open sky within his breast.

Think about him at least once,
whom you gave nothing other than ridicule.
Whom adroit people exploited in  guise as he was a simpleton, 
who used to be doubted for his crime of true words,
whom you compelled to become old
                                                before he reached his youth.

Think about him at least once.
He is lying by his side.

He was a true poet.

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