Saturday, 28 March 2015

Subo Acharya's poem NEAR THE SEA ( Translation of Samudrer Kaachhey )

The sea is playing in extreme moonlight today
from the breaking of waves it seems it has got the breath of creation
as if has learned limitless unknown mysteries
the taste of darkness--
tell us what have we achieved?
Only sweat blood tears spit left-over food of clay
have we got anything else ? That what is recognized exploiting                                                                                    senses
What have we received else from this mortal earth ?

I think of going elsewhere
from the tumble of moonlight I remember unknown countries
I have to leave this dry hungry city--
I know I have to leave
but to leave behind the incompleteness of human life
I am not able to at all
I feel the pain of pin pricks on my palms
so near the seas both my eyes terribly dry up

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