Monday, 30 March 2015

Rabiul's poem TEN MYSTIC PLASTIC BUTTON HIDDEN IN TEN STARS ( Translation of Doshti Tarar Bhitorey Lukiye Thaka Doshti Plastiker Botam )

After flashing a rocket cracker with fire stars in the sky giving publicity to silent days nights its measurement keeps equilibrium with ear this monotony my words your words vehicles toilet my your urinating hiss suddenly sound probably may be I was drawing your portrait or a line of a poem--pornography is actually your commencement of birth

        inside dark room
        inside mosquito net
 art for arts sake of our earlier life
        Spider spider you go to the sea
        go into water
        knit net and knit life
        catch fishes with that net
        catch whales and catch shipcutter prawns
        and catch submarines of etc countries
Mom Mom do not stare at me like that
        if I look at your eyes
        I see your vagina
        then I stumble upon at sad locality
Shiva Shiva with your third eye
        observe properly
        is that really your third eye
        or it is a seal of my glance

Suddenly each line feel surprised with water's colourless ink turns into wounds I get puzzled due to fear of words poems turn stories in fear we become brave in fear we get up from sleep in fear we shiver in fear we start shooting with machine guns because of fear we go to war due to fear we go to Masjid due to fear we go to temples due to fear we go to urinate due to fear we go to toilet due to fear we read namaz due to fear we perform puja due to fear we piss in our pants due to fear we shit due to fear that gosh whether Masjid temple toilet are all dirt of mind and body's dirt are always left 0ver food is not of use in life peacock feathers art art Art art Aesthetics dirt dirt dirt dirty kerchief where are you save me come sit on my nose go sit on everyone's nose start business of clothes why kerchiefs are always square change your Body circular triangle square all types of forms gradually gradually gradually gradually you become invisible and that is why I do not keep you in my pocket I have not learned using you till now my heart bleeds with your bad smell named hole has so much bad smell bad smell bad smell my heart bleeds in dirty smell my heart bleeds my heart bleeds .

Again that relentless sound when my ears started gathering moss to get rid of usual words jamming becomes redemption of more strong sounds which become cracker festival in sitar sarod become air plane sing in sky's voice lane bye lane sun earth's another hemisphere in houses and houses darkness intercourse's orchestra sigh orgasm shrieks middle aged men women girls and boys' youth centric sighs loneliness is really solitude body a jet flies through its body everybody tremble in fear I rise and take side in bed stood up on earth hanging like bats head below legs up in air as if stuck on earth a lizard crawls around on ceiling we are also a type of lizard species of cockroaches if there was a higher species it would have called us race of cockroaches.

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