Saturday, 28 March 2015

Subo Acharya's poem POETRY HAS DISAPPEARED FROM HUMAN WORLD ( Translation of 'Manusher Prithibi Thekey Kobita Shesh Hoye Gechhe' )

I am walking at empty city's midnight
                                     distant exile invites me
                                            like human birth or occult skeleton
darkness near sea streams where death will wipe you out oneday
we were once in love
                  all worldly loves are destroyed in some black hole--
extinct earth's poetry, Khalasitola's evening and my love's evening
my chastised running around on empty roads, pocket full of money                                                                                           (in dreams) this is my simple life, my non existing howls drowns in blood--
poetry also gets the taste of blood today, four corners tremble in sighs
some people are scared of my existence, some bow their head and walk away--
my blood filled shrieks of pain wither away in my chest--
no shrieks move the world, like human beings
my love has died longtime back, pain for love,
blood oozes in driblets from heart due to love's absence, empty heart, you
                           drink wine looking at the dazzle of midnight, whatever you do
there is nothing like angelic life-- obsessed fear from this small life

Or living in deep bloody empty hole.
Mankind's fearful tread in this 1968 takes me to indifference--
Why there is so much blood blood blood in my life ?
Who am I-- who I am in this bewildered life
standing erect like a divine shriek-- poetry's inner
thoughts of non morbidity emanates from cruelty--
how far have I come away from mankind
                             today I feel like going back--

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