Friday, 27 March 2015

Arunesh Ghosh's poem WAITING FOR DEATH ( Translation of Mrityur Jonyo Apekkha )

In this wait what type of
ultimate infinity of fear-silence reside
that even forefinger directed
will have to be shown in sinless mirror ?
The hangman in strong footsteps as usual
path shower of killing field
you wanted loneliness-- this is its substitute.
Your character does not suit crying and weeping, neither sighs
any anger, sharp wail, exploding hatred
or any naked girl's giggling calm
At this time those things do not come into mind.
Suburb's dirty smelling roads during lightning 
golden chariot made of women's bone on way to sky
nothing bothers
but those things remain-- in what depth who knows.

But we do not know death.

We know about walking toward death.
Never wanted to exchange places
with the murderer who is walking ahead
or his master, his master, his, his as well
spitted on the floor
avoiding the silent fall of the leaf
though all portrayal was sanctioned for him
really strange !
But you selected crowbar, hammer, chisel
in a damned country spawned on stone
feel embarrassed in front of golden plate full of consumer goods.

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