Saturday, 28 March 2015

Arun Banik's story DOG SYSTEM ( Translation of Kukur Pronali )

Characters :
Three big dogs and their assistants.
Mohitosh, Poritosh and Nibaron's wives and children and members of their family and a beautiful lady may be Mrs Patel or Mrs Bajaj or at least Mrs Basu.

Before curtain is raised ( one minute may be ) from behind the wings voices of three dogs are heard in the guise of lectures in between supporters of other dogs' approval with Oh Yeah would be heard and gradually the curtain will rise. From a far away place someone's recitation would be heard somewhat on the lines of Sbayasachi's 'Bidrohi' gramophone record or Sukanta Bhattacharya's 'Lenin' or 'Bodhan' and even if those are not available other musical gramophone records may be played such as 'There Flies The New Age Flag', or a song of rebellion may be played. The moment curtains rise three dogs are found standing at three distinct spot on a high pedestal ( just like LUX soap may be folded in red coloured kite paper it would be better if LUX sign is visible ). If the director so desires he may replace the three big dogs with three big men wearing dog masks and for assistants he may use 12-16 year children and everyone should have multicoloured tail ; if the tails of the dogs are made to wag with the tempo of their lectures then you know the dramatist understands that the act may be appreciable on stage, and if that is not possible then the tails may be presented before the audience in an attractive manner. From three spots red blue and green light would be gradually radiating and the radiation on each of them would not be systematic but it would be better if the dispersion of rays  are disorderly. In case technical experts face difficulties then red blue green light may emanate with time gaps first to explain each spot quite clearly maximum one minute for each may be given after that light and sound may focus on the three spots simultaneously and for this exhibition 2/3 minutes may be approved; after this the three big dogs would stare at each other quite meaningfully and they would give direction with their sight to their assistants and instantly audience would form a disciplined queue to get ready and the big dogs would wave their heads like wise men and with winning gait and joyous howl or pieces of howls they would recite with exemplary bravery and haughty style artfully strong method and in this position they would encircle the stage. There would be explosions on stage, baton charges by paramilitary. Big dogs would flee bravely small dogs would whine and run away and at the end a trolly somewhat like the trolleys of municipality would enter the stage and sweeper like two men would pick up five six dead and wounded dogs on the trolley singing "god gives penance...our flowers" such a Hindi song would go away their faces would reveal drunkards' ultimate extacy but there would not be any behaviour of their legs that they are drunk the light may go off for 2/1 minutes. In between a middle class drawing room cum bedroom cum dressing room would appear with at least one dressing table a few chairs, if possible a sofa on the stage and again when the lights are on it would be seen Mohitosh in his Bengali dandy dhoti-kurta dress combing his hair quite carefully. And singing mildly a song which was popular a decade back for this old gramophone record of singer Satinath Mukherjee would be very helpful.

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