Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Samir Roychoudhury's poem FOR PERSONAL SUNLIGHT ( Translation of 'Nijaswo Roder Jonyo' )

When the first sunlight at the new house 
came to inquire about life from that day personal sunlight of this house
personal breeze air personal cloudiness took birth
everything which is exclusively for this house
just as some sunlight enter domesticity to live with some rains

Just as local tries to get disconnected from metalanguage
just like weakness for personal sunlight once
I had observed flax flower creeper to take turn
seen Grandma's longing for sunlight
even now I remember on our dining table at Darbhanga 
a shard of sunlight as our tea drinking companion
passing sunlight had a different relation with school ending bell
just as we have secret correspondence with some shadows

Just as some sunlight some shadow are saved in personal kitty
just as local tries to get disconnected with metalanguage.

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