Monday, 30 March 2015

Sandipan Chattopadhyay's critique of Satyajit Ray's movie THE EXPEDITION ( Translation of 'Abhijan' )

Abhijan movie did not create any reaction in me. Other than spending three hours, nothing else was spent. What is the use of inviting people to watch such type of film and drama, isn't such usefulness over ? Not that
this thing is third or fourth class or production is mediocre or complete failure.
Whatever that be. It is true not first class at all, neither story nor its application. M. A. pass driver, chaste harlot, completely positive and commercial, if you take away the hookah pipe and bowl from it, what is the difference from Bollywood films ? 
In respect of Abhijan the idiosyncratic behaviour of reporters is incomparable. 

Had it been first class, even then what is the purpose of inviting people. Opportunity and contentment of being seated purposelessly for three hours with about a thousand persons like me ?Whether the thermo nuclear war will take place today or afterwards ? Won't take place ? It is difficult to ponder on it now. Many people in Europe do not go to watch drama or movie after avoiding thinking about this, but those who go they go with their hands around waist of boyfriend, no man goes alone and women and man, at least each man goes after a drink; they have surplus time even after affording drinks and dirty money to purchase tickets, and even thereafter they may have drinks. 
Those who had been to Purabi cinema hall, those who went alone, 
had they learned to drink;
not in intoxicants hashish, mescaline, cannabis, opium or drugs, result of all education and intelligence,
let us assume, after a drink, then, in India
we do not have extra money in our pocket for cultural interval, had anyone gone to Purabi without drinking ? 
The cinema hall would have been empty, Libraries vacant, 
no body would have gone to see real circus. Who would have agreed to spend on anything other than drinks. Idiots or people like me whose liver is damaged 
no one would have gone to Purabi without drinking. 

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