Monday, 30 March 2015

Sandipan Chattopadhyay's poem BORDER PROPOSAL-2 ( Translation of Simanto Prostab-2 )

The main perception about death is :
1) It is an attack.
2) Surely sudden, but not secret; it is foretold.
3) Many people do not die together. Death one by one, attacks one at a time. Death does not have the capacity to devastate all human beings.

I shall say, unequal war. Disease
happens, after cure some people think 'saved myself'. With a smile he should be told, 'it is wrong'. 
No body gets cured of death. Even then with other persons
it is life, we think we are all living together. But with a thought that we are not going anywhere nobody 
ventures out of his home 
that is why we go out of home thinking we are going somewhere,
if we are silent people may keep eye on us we keep on
talking. Why don't we roam around all alone, singularly ? In that case
death will not appear to be vulgar.
When a person falls everyone turn their neck to see him. I know
these days
the power of respecting one another has increased among human beings, nobody says, 'alas'. Even then such looking is obscene.
That is why one should be deliberately alone when there is time. One should cross big and lonely fields more often. If everyone singles out himself in this fashion
then it would not be necessary to pick up someone from the crowd.
When one reaches the centre of the field the whirling red
will come and cover you, after the dust storm only a vacant space will be there, the perspective of his time.
One by one and all alone everyone should go into the field. What
is the use of refusing ? We didn't want that Yeti comes to put its hand on our shoulder. We have dressed ourselves. Sudden attack
we wanted to avoid. We never wanted someone finds us
unprepared. Only because of that
we have kept ourselves dignified, shaved our beard everyday
we may be called into the field. We are ready.

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