Friday, 27 March 2015

Arunesh Ghosh's poem DREAM ELEGY ( Translation of Swapna Shokgatha )

In bones of grownups 
inside haggard oldies
the rebel girls of yesterday
today's naked streams
the mist which have penetrated
the winter wind which has taken a bite
fights with him -- does does -- saliva drips
liquid, sticky, bitter, very itchy but it is a flow 

If it means anything -- that meaning is lost sleeping aquatic grass
or may be we may call it -- I run for a drink of mother's nipples
we know but feign that we dont
oldies and girls
fire's wife
satisfaction of hunger 
fire flame of that manliness
who is sired by whom -- ascertaining, disconnected loneliness.
That fire today is on the verge of dying
blows the warmth of hand
a foolish thigh
waxes like candle the original nakedness
soul -- two teats
sticky anxiety when caught in fist
they would erect, definitely they would, on knees with tenacity
even if oral -- or rubbed on teats

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