Monday, 30 March 2015

Sandipan Chattopadhyay's poem FRIENDS ( Translation of Bondhubandhob )

Shakti's ship has sunk. rope and chains are torn off. Sunil
is walking with a torchlight. Shankar is my dog, I am Shankar's.
Deepak is at present in Bhagalpur. Bhaskar has
captured everything. Huh huh other than Jolly Folly Sharat
is not interested in anything.
Can not see Sunil in darkness. Walking in torchlight.
Shakti dangerously plunges in water, presently floating with help of a buoy. The buoy is swinging in one place, is not floating away. In strong sunlight Deepen covered with a corpse is loitering around.
Only Ketaki and Ashutosh...when one gets love hope dries up at the roots. Their embraced roots are clearly visible in water. Only Ketaki and Ashutosh are floating. Where do they go ? 
They float and go to Chouringhee, Dunlop Bridge, Tiljala, Shyambazar, Chetla, go to Bandel. Bhaskar,
Shakti, Sharat and Sunil all four where did they get  cigar !
All four have lighted their cigar. Ketaki and Ashutosh's head float away from Chowringhee. Goes to Chetla, Ultodanga, Behala, Bandel, Barahanagar. Their swinging rooted embrace passes away from in front of Shakti, Sharat, Sunil and Bhaskar.

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