Saturday, 28 March 2015

Subo Acharya's poem DIRECT PERCEPTION ( Translation of Bhuodarshan )

In monster emptyness three men were walking opposite faced
or in front
sometimes direction goes awry, fear
not error, not illusion, not affection, clear mist
winter, distressed breeze, in crowded loneliness, in uproar of                                                                                     streams Loveless female body, faithless, smell of semen
inside the chest blind destruction outside certain peace 
society domesticity, every form of life, change thereof,
memory and forgetting, play,
sharp stare on flesh-- cruelty in flesh,
hand-twisting distress--
within this I have to walk one life's eternity !
Thought a person, after thinking thus, like a drowned man's last
stare stopped suddenly, 
another person was startled and entered the crowd flow
within instant of eye flash
the third person smiled a little
it was not possible to make out whether in grief
started walking alone calmly

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