Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Shakti Chattopadhyay's poem Border Proposal ( Translation of 'Simantoprostab' )

A beggar boy had loved to like food
and examined
paddy plants spread in moonlight, at the roots of paddy
like silent waterfilled butter
glossy puffed up paddy in earth's simplicity
will the paddy turn into boiled rice ?
Silent God may talk
iron may melt
like dorsal women on the world wood plank ?
But the beggar boy had loved to like food.
Loved to like, many philosophy in life
even beyond life, intoxicated in cannabis
in life without paddy, without woman, without moonlight there  is    something above.
God is there above all to torture the wayfarer
God is there above all the wandering ascetic
God is there above all for human beings
busy in order to give two bowls of boiled rice to the beggar boy
contemporary like grass, bigger than bus
to carry every and all.

Beggar's good boy was shaved head many bad boys
they did not bother about love
they are also alive they are also clean
there are good fruits on earth like gooseberry
beggar's good boy bad boy has fallen away from beggar father's belly
with amazing disorder fact on earth is now peace for China, liberty depressed
etcetera  wait near war
stop all kinds of war
let natural deaths die
let us die, let us go with our known death
arrange the marriage of Kennedy with Khrushchev
do not allow them to abort their womb's bomb-boys
let their bomb-girls die in their womb
let their be life aborting marriage anniversary each year
if Khrushchev Kennedy is not there will there be progenitress ever?
Then stop violence megaton war firefall
otherwise the hungry will tear off flesh according to requirement.
From the party of snow hyenas disturbed India's border  
lack of religion's red flag with body's limping hunger
and watching  painted hunger drawn on snow hyenas' eyes of women's cheek devouring 
Chief Minister, send a posse of Hungry poets
they don't not know how to write, knows extra-mundane methods of how to swallow 
they would eat the entire border and discuss in Coffee House
probably there is not much difference in modern poetry and prose
marriages take place in Bangladesh at 30 minutes past 3
gift leather garland of Bentink Street to Jyoti Basu
how was Soumitra's acting in China Expedition
why are not people ready to accept poetry just like boiled rice
will they accept when war is over ? Even beggars are able to understand poetry
why would you not understand Dear Professor, Chief Minister Sen?

( Published by the poet himself in a Hungry Bulletin during border war with China in 1962 )

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