Friday, 17 April 2015

Arup Dutta's poem ASHES OF DREAMFALL ( Translation of 'Swapnopatoner Chhai' )

I have entered a heated earth
alone in a crowd of friends and enemies 
air returns after bouncing on chaotic sea waves
pale breaths from fallen leaves
sex starved moon in dark fortnight of female orgasm music
coloured insects descend in this storyless light
and nameless fly species 

I see in the belly of heated earth
unhinged doors of creation
no traveler seeks solace here
uninterrupted language of dawn holds forth the neck-vein
no strange cloud bursts
love's last fall is atomic dusts
mixed in burning grass

My body and soul shiver
in unredeemed heart the hurts are life's only
bloom like incomplete clearance 

This stream of burning alphabets--
stare at lava which can not be crossed
Apollo and Saraswati
not possible to unite in this life
my incomplete letters have burned into ashes
banned music of a lost world,
which covers my incompleteness in pain of loss of grief.

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