Thursday, 2 April 2015

Saileswar Ghosh's poem FROM 6 TO 7 ( Translation of '6 Thekey 7 Er Dikey' )

When the bell tolls at Cathedral church at my personal pulpit
                                           mast arises
with the sound of birth empire's stone iron turns to dust
my memory befuddles when I place my hand on lovers breast
when love is destroyed in Chowringhee Hotel at Santhal village
                             sun of aboriginals go down
when flowers of secret garden are thrown to God
                           explodes like hand bomb
a dainty beggar like the last century's king had told me
                                about his dreams
shrieks of victory procession appears to me like vanquished 
at 5 in afternoon the super market attracts me like forbidden
                                                              sex organ
                                  no sound in airconditioned bathroom
                                               no human purchaser
                              no water picture of childhood
one night's begum who could not recognize me
                directs me to 7 No house instead of 6.

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