Thursday, 2 April 2015

Basudeb Dasgupta's poem/story/critique AIRCONDITIONED GOD ( Translation of 'Airconditiond Debota' )

In the dangerous kingdom of silence is our raft floating
hundreds of corpses are visible on the shoreline
burned in sunlight for long they are deformed
those whose life had vibrated till now
in happiness and grief electric current
whose life once while vibrating 
from desire to desire
those lives had flown

In this dangerous kingdom of silence is our raft floating
burning sun overhead
on right is golden colour in the river
green carpet on sandy strip peeps
a naked man is seated on that strip all alone
seeing the raft he jumps in water
waves his hand while being washed away by tide
as is wants to say something
know one knows where he drowns in the heavy current
with half ton biscuit and a few saris 
this small raft floats downstream

Dark hall-room
lavender fragrance touches nose
many men are running this way trampling corpses of relatives
jumps over for a fistful of food
fights for it with each other
hundreds of incorporeal species in electric light
though goods for charity are not sufficient
terrible dearth of vehicles
and in order to reach the distressed area the administration
never finds a way out
in the absence of diggers between one to one & half thousand
were buried in one pit Sir
payment was Rupees two per day
news further says that four persons in Bhootnath's house
died when the house fell over them when they were sleeping
though his state of affairs was more or less same
happiness was not meagre in that tiny house
today beneath open sky small time truck driver Bhoothnath
stoops with his head between his knees
the Sub Divisional Officer said.
Twenty rupees more could not be given today from poverty alleviating fund
because the person who has the keys to the cupboard has not come.

Sky is crowded with vultures---air is polluted---on twentieth floor signal---cyclone forecast---just now the relief boat has been looted---where there is no death the police hawks---National Highway No 34 is washed away---no piece of land is available so that help could be dropped---an insane girl is beating a tinplate and singing on the runway---missiles would be installed near the capital---quick feet someone has gone to have a nap at the hotel---bullet has been found from someones holed skull---youngest among the rebels was of eight years---our momentary humanity and lifelong crying is drowning in soft mud up to waist---presently inside the ring two bison are  fighting for sexual supremacy---wastes of turbulent sounds---pet piglet has pissed on beautiful lady's nylon---our mother came out with her dead child from jute field---a few nylon petticoat might be the reason for fire---vultures crowd the sky---in every civilization's cupboard a few skulls have been preserved---relief air planes propeller is hit by vulture---far away an insane girl is singing beating her tinplate---she will also die now---

I have covered my ears with both hands---I do not want to listen to outside sound---I have covered my ears with both hands---I am not able to listen to words uttered by me---therefore death--

You see the water turned yellow colour when you go for bath---I have been kept in the lowest hole---you have kept me away from my relatives---I do not have the power to go out---will you perform magic for the dead---will the ghosts come out and sing songs of prayer for you---Do the dead feel your mercy inside their grave---is your magic visible only in darkness---will your religion be ever known in this country of oblivion---our flesh do not have health---we do not have peace in our bones---dread has uprooted us---here everybody wipes his face and says---I have not committed any sinful act---

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  1. Excellent!
    If I ever could find any more translations of Dasgupta's poems!..