Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Binoy Majumdar's poem A RADIANT FISH ( Translation of 'Ekti Ujwal Mach' )

A radiant fish once went up in the air
sank back again in spectacular blue, but truly
transparent water - watching this pleasant sight
fruit ripened red to severe juices of pain.

Imperilled swan, escaped ceaselessly,
since everyone knew, underneath its white plume loom
excellent warm meat and marrow ;
it pauses for short stalls on wearied mountains;
water songs evaporate, however
at the moment you, dear seafish, you, you
or look, the scattered ailing trees
foliaging expansive greenery of the earth
churn it up with their deep deep fatigued sighs;
and yet, all trees and flowering plants stand on their own
spaces at a distance forever
think of mating's breathless chronicle.

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