Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Raja Sarkar's poem SOME BLACK FLOWERS AND THEIR SORE ( Translation of 'Kichhu Kalo Phool O Taar Khato' )

There there beyond dawn's window insolvent gambler's sky
and here is that bed---
floating balloon in heavy air ! Earthly life...
One or two men fly towards sun after touching my body
but stll they have their roots in bed
mingled with body in dawn's bed 
in slices fresh sunlight--
Songs of which life is being sung ? In immobile silence
which cub's cry enters home cut in pieces ?
...incoherence of trance settles down, and
heavy sighs pick up one-grub men
towards some mystery....this starry imagination !
The life which is between death's calm and pain
at that moment extends two arms and descends
in this scaly body wherein during this journey
some black flowers and their sores were allowed to bloom

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