Thursday, 2 April 2015

Saileswar Ghosh's poem LAST COPULATION ( Translation of 'Shesh Sahobas' )

Men will die within human being's love
                         a man erasing his money
                 a woman would throw her waist ornament in water
is there any meaning of our seas ?
                 child's cry, beggar's smile, prisoner's wish
suffers more after freed
20 or 25 years I also will have to use my sex organ
                              will have to wipe off forehead's sweat
will have to pick up on shoulder gay God's festoon
will have to listen to victory song, will have to dole out wellfare's
                                                                        paddy or silver
will have to see negotiation of price is there between brother
                                                                               and sister
my life does not light up like electric bulb in a dark room
there is no further childhood, no hereditary judgement of father
                    palm joined like judgement seeker--
         7 billion birth God's evasion Varaha Avatara
                     coitus flower between my thighs
                             I also love this way
                                          live life
           die like this
since last copulation never happens nightmare remain as truth.

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