Thursday, 2 April 2015

Malay Roychoudhury's Drama NONMANMAN ( Translation of 'Napungpung' )

                         [ Voice of Jesus Christ : He who is not with me is against me ]
[ Completely dark stage.
Howls of jackal.
Crickets and venomous snakes hiss.
Sounds of heavy boots, stops, walks, stops.
Sudden flashes of strong light. On the left boxers' ring, a little higher, ringed by coconut husk rope; hings from ceiling boxers' dummy or a bagful for training in boxing. Within the ring, on the wall of the stage, headless pink torso of woman, from shoulder to thigh. Torso looks as if made of wax but is actually made of wood. The breasts of the torso may be opened and close like a lid holding its nipples. Torso talks through its teats or through its vagina in male or female voices or of animals.
On the right side there is a commode. Red coloured water inside commode.
Completely dark stage again.
National anthems of all countries of the world, past or present, are heard. Armpit blowing sound of all cultivators of the world is heard. Victory band of all world armies are heard. Sound of nose blowing of all nurses of the world are heard.  From vagina hole of the torso a strong red searchlight flashes like a knife. 
Completely dark stage again. 
Strong sunlight on stage.
Yalam enters stage.
Yalam is completely naked.
Sometimes when Yalam dislikes obscenity he wears cricket players abdomen guard. From the sides of Yalam's abdomen guard his testicles are protruding from which golden and silvery long hair touches the floor. Yalam grows a jackal's tail during spring to avoid mosquitoes. He has boxer's gloves in both hands. Yalam goes to the commode and sits thereon, starts thinking with his palm on his cheek.]

Torso : Where were you till now ? Where were you till now ? Where were you till now ?
Yalam : No--I mean--just--as--
Torso : How much can you recline ? How much can you recline ? How much can you recline ?
[ Yalam enters ring and like a baby goat starts jumping around in it. He bows to all four sides.]
Yalam : Practice--
Torso : Clock and tiffin box. Clock and tiffin box. Clock and tiffin box.
[ Yalam starts practicing boxing. In various ways. Sometimes does speed boxing and punches very quickly, sometimes slowly, in air. Circles the dummy bag hanging up and makes postures. Suddenly he tries to punch the dummy bag. The bag goes up. The punch is missed. Yalam goes to a corner with his tongue he starts panting. ]
Yalam : Practice again.
Torso : Phooooh !
Yalam : Let me try.
[ The bag comes down. Yalam practices speed boxing in air. Redies himself to hit the boxer's bag. Suddenly Torso's left side teat's cap falls off. A hairy hand comes out of the hollow teat. The hand slaps Yalam on his cheek. Yalam fall on the ground at a distance. The hairy hand disappears into Torso's teats. ]
Tosro : Get up.
[ Yalam stands on his feet. Honey  trickles  out from two sides of his lips.He picks up the teat cover from the floor and slowly walks up to Torso. Peeps through the teat hole in search of someone.]
Yalam : Anybody there ? Please listen. Shall I put this thing at the proper place ?
[Right side cap of Torso's teat falls off. A stick comes out of the teat hole and beats Yalam on his head. Yalam falls on the floor head down. ]
Torso : Bloody illiterate.
[ Yalam stands up with two teat caps in both hands. From corner of his mouth costly unadulterated butter oozes out.]
Yalam : Shit !
[ Complete darkness on stage. Only blue romantic light streams out of Torso's teat holes and vagina. Light on stage. Yalam is absent from stage.]
Torso : Love is hundred percent benzedrine dabbling dear dear.
[ Limping Yalam enters stage. Tail bandaged. Drinks red water from the commode. Enters ring, picks up Torso's teats and fits them on Torso's breasts. Bows and salutes on four sides. Punches in air around the boxer's bag. Misses all punches. Limps and walks back to the commode and sits thereon. Places his hand on cheek and becomes a philosopher. ]
Yalam: Arrrrt is that--four syllables-- no no--five syllables--please take a ladle of lentil--no no---word count--[ suddenly there are strange sounds from wings, somewhat like someone farting and shitting]--happy bye baby--so it is final now--no no--in meters--[ sounds of farting pissing shitting from wings]--we have to keep faith--the rhymes have been perfect [ sound of farting pissing shitting]--whom shall we include--dear Yalam put on your socks and get ready--quick--search--Om Shantih--Oum Shantih--Ong shanty--navel oh peace--what a bad condition the hands are in after birth--no no a ladle of lentil--no no eight syllables [ sounds of pissing farting shitting ] bluff I would stay this bluffer night--
[ Suddenly sound of breaking glass utensils and simultaneously the stage plunges into dark.
Completely dark stage.
Lectures of all world leaders on stage.
Howls of female foxes after happy corpse eating festival.
Sounds of hair cutting scissors.
Whistle of forthcoming storm.
Sound of applying oil bath to a skirt wearing gypsy girl's thighs inside a tent.
From Torso's vagina sharp searchlight searches for Yalam. Searchlight focuses on all sides. Here to there searchlight searches for Yalam. Searchlight dances ti find out Yalam. Searchlight searches for Yalam only. ]
                         Curtain drops.

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