Friday, 3 April 2015

Sambhu Rakshit's poem SALVATIOINISM ( Translation of 'Muktivad' )

Those who consider me rickety
my soul to be war hero
my God harmful
my poetry
glossy aristocrat or stray delirium 

oh brother dear
they with their commercial incorrect power
capture their nose mouth ear
this mighty republican country
should protect its existence

Those who after penetrating sand
are teaching me child's education
oh brother dear
they may refuse artificial beauty's false borderline 
at least give evidence of a puny angel

Fixed disc in a nonfunctional jukebox
of life and broken brick's
unholy war's pain of international chorus
oh brother dear

Buzz between graveyard and township's tunnel
quirky mercy of horse stable
disturbance inbetween
oh brother dear

Fire colour camera on shoulder
anti aircraft transistor in hand
to pay off another emperor's debt
like moving fresco piercing flesh
these radio-TV-active youth power
dug up night silence of salvationism and grandeur
oh brother dear...

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