Saturday, 4 April 2015

Nitya Malakar's poem ONE STORY WAS INSIDE ( Translation of 'Ekta Galpo Chhilo Bhetorey' )

A deadly bandit's story was inside --- I did not tell
a harmless lead-wort's lighted story was inside -- I did not tell
just as I did not tell about other rivers' unrequited tales, news
                                                                                     of clouds

Weight on shoulder I have neared end of circle
though hunchback till I pull, pull and wait, get up, wipe
metaphor signage, voice and past night's fever delirium 

Write simple diary -- morning written with noon, noon
                                                                 with afternoon
I write night with rice-lentil-intercourse

If one day glean and experience brightens in closeness 
you feel to embrace sensitivity of touch till finish.

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