Saturday, 11 April 2015

Debojyoti Roy's CONFESSIONS OF A RELIGIOUS OXEN ( Translation of 'Jabanbondi, Dharmer Shnarer' )

People say, I am foolhardy
bohemian, do not have much intelligence
move from this to that locality on my own
when instinct makes a knock behaviour undergoes a change
as if my virility is total farce, serio-comic;
I wag my tail, forage on grass, fire billows inside

Far away from cowsheds' hay and husk's memory
lonely road's dust, tired hooves,
wound on back struck by stones. 
There is no luxury in selecting food;
in my own independent rhythm 
religious people attain emancipation.

Effect of food and sharpness of horns--
their combination result into landslip
on the breast of smiling Shiva's mount in calender.
stoic conduct, with renounced cognition
walking towards Shiv Purana, Upanishad 
I leave behind secret confessions--
this language is blue with poison, revenge similar to cobra

On surface everything is calm, still, reactionless.

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