Friday, 3 April 2015

Sambhu Rakshit's poem THAT GRASS DEALER ( Translation of 'Sei Ghaswalla' )

That grass dealer
in his language, 'properly black, thin.'
was searching for the method to grow germs

That grass dealer
after running three legged
ate half of the floor

Marvel 000 when grew from his body
three unopposed inflammatory reddish head
Dialogue : burns with destiny's prophecy 

Legless child
driven by beggars and flies
sometimes ran
entered a dense crowded house

Sometimes repeatedly recites :
Alaukam Absho Amharancha Aukalley
that grass dealer

And whose neck in elephant's trunk
who do not have seal's cows
spread the cover of tent
arranged for shadow shelter for them
that grass dealer

That grass dealer 
bloated in desperate mystery clutching pieces of clouds
with a white shield made of ox skin
surrounds several waterbodies


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