Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Karunanidhan Mukhopadhyay's story ABOUT BIRTHDEATH ( Translation of 'Janmomrityu Samparkey' )

          My only son Arok died today at 6:45. Broncho Pneumonia. I crossed the river and took him to other side. On the sand spread. Sat at a place and brooded for a long time. Then I tied a heavy stone with his body and dropped him in the middle of Ganges river.
I had to spend two hours in search of a stone.

          I have returned home. My wife is crying incessantly. I do not have any power to erase human sentiments.

          Today there was plenty of time during afternoon.

          I was born at Kashi. Dad at that time was with Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose's group of  Indian National Army. When I was of two and half years Dad took me to Rangoon. Dad left Indian National Army and joined the police. About ten years in Rangoon. Thereafter siren, blackouts, newspaper headlines, hospital. Directly back to Khidirpur on a ship. From Khidirpur to Kashi again.

          Came to know that Dad has married a Burmese women. From then on against society, against culture, against myself fight goes on. Could not get educated. Dad's monetary help stopped when at class ten. That is the time I started to fall. Help! Help !! Help!!! 

          During childhood I loved to paint. I was the first boy in class. Everything became jumbled up once I entered the world of drawing. Hired a room at Kashi and opened my own studio. Looking at my paintings people said I was insane. Mother sister and other members of the house called me mad and kicked me out. I was the eldest son of my family. Went to Marriage Registrar and married a Kayastha caste girl. I am not allowed to enter home because I became a Non-Brahmin. 

          Nobody is there for me. Nobody is there for me.


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