Thursday, 9 April 2015

Shankhapallab Aditya's poem MAHARAJA BRAJENDRAKISHORE OF MUKTAGACHHA ( Translation of 'Muktagachhar Moharaja Brojendrokishor' )

These days newly married boys, 
after looting full moon's light
do not sell it at higher price to any lady, 
the pacer horses also do not have  
the same saddle and syce
from the looted moonlight's money they get drunk
after purchasing faint moon of Howrah and Chandpur's Hilsa fish
how  many bright young men unnecessarily 
awaken their wives ?
During middle of night even at Mouri's gazal garden
snake's hisses will not be found
in Kishoreganj's burning heart.
No feet are there beyond the atlas design
and out of them some are religious and some egret
today nobody walks around with Neelvajramani's watchman
in Gaharpeta's lotus river
self-declared Brajendrakishore Maharaja
is confined to his own limits
human being's courage is gradually diminishing
left and right arteries and blood cells are becoming smaller
but poisonless hiss of egotist bottle's foam 
is not abating.

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